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About Us

DoUnto Partners, a boutique real estate investment firm founded in 2014, specializes in acquiring and managing opportunistic and value add multifamily real estate in strategic markets with primary focus for assets in the southeast and Midwest. 

We strive to provide our investor partners with above market cash returns, significant upside potential and limited downside.

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Our Vision

To become an industry leader in the multifamily sector through hard work, integrity, strategic partnerships and superior performance.

We provide a solution for investors to participate alongside our firm and allow you to preserve, enhance and build your wealth through multifamily real estate.

Our mission is to help all levels of investors create, build and protect their wealth through multifamily real estate investments.

From our relationships to our property operations, creating value is the core focus of our business.

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Why DoUnto?

DoUnto Partners aquires properties that have a compelling value add component and can be acquired at an attractive basis relative to competing properties.  Over the last several years, we have been able to prove our ability to realize this value by rapidly executing each business plan resulting in upgrade premiums, stabilizing the tenancy and reducing operating expenses to drive NOI growth.

The assets typically range between $1,000,000 and $10,000,000, which is unattractive to institutional investors, but often too large for local mom and pop investors.  We leverage our entrepreneurial expertise, local relationships and established team to act fast when opportunities arise.  Our team has the ability to react quickly and efficiently to complicated transactions.

DoUnto provides our investor partners opportunities that are tailored to their individual goals with unparalleled transparency.  We want our investor partners to be educated and ask questions both during their decision-making process and throughout the life of the investment.  We know our investor partners have multiple options when it comes to investing in real estate and we strive to develop long-term relationships with each and every investor that partners in a project with us.


DoUnto believes that well-located, cash-flowing multifamily residential rental property is an attractive investment asset in nearly all economic conditions.  Multifamily real estate is well understood as an inflation hedge in boom years.  And the Great Recession showed that demand for rental apartments can increase during economic downturns, helping insulate multifamily real estate from the downward pressures acting on other categories of real estate during a recession.

DoUnto follows a conservative investment strategy of acquiring stabilized, cash-flowing, but under-performing multifamily properties that allow us to add value through enhanced operations and non-structural improvements.  At each newly acquired property, we typically undertake a program of capital improvements and install new professional property managers with a track record of achieving and maintaining high occupancy and profitability.

DoUnto seeks to maximize investment returns by focusing on economically vibrant secondary and tertiary markets, which are typically overlooked by institutional investors.  These markets offer more attractive investment yields at purchase than the primary markets that receive the most attention from larger players.  We also focus on deal sizes that are too small to meet the investment criteria of institutional investors but are too large for most local investors.  Additionally, we also seek out multifamily properties in especially attractive situations, such as areas with barriers to entry like restrictive zoning that precludes new construction of multifamily residences.

Finally, DoUnto believes that markets experiencing strong population growth will consistently exhibit healthy demand for rental properties over time.  We thus focus on the Southeastern United States, one of the fastest growing regions in the country over the last several decades.


Short Term Goals

  • Continue Aggressive asset management.
  • Continue strategic capital improvements and upgrades.
  • Maximize NOI at each site.
  • Sell certain existing assets at opportunistic times.
  • Refinance existing assets at opportunistic times.


Long Term Goals

  • Continue working in niche markets to acquire distressed and value add opportunites in the C/B multifamily asset class.
  • Focus on building long term relationships with strategic equity partners.
  • Continue 110% commitment to generate above average yields on existing and new assets with capital preservation being the number one priority.
  • Focus on driving returns for investors by using established relationships to acquire, operate and dispose of multifamily assets.


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